Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday 03 December 2006: Sarah has two special guest on face The Day today: the famous Belgian Jean-Marie Pfaff and Moustache the cat!

Sarah says:
Had to go to the dreaded Molecule in Vichte today to check out new cooking pans and I was fortunate to run into Jean-Marie Pfaff advertising some glue or something. Anyway, I asked him for a photo and he gave me that and his signature - woo hoo! I actually am placing this photo of me and him here just to amuse Heidi! It would have been better of course if both Heidi and I were there getting a photo of him because it's always fun getting famous Belgians on here - it doesn't matter what they are famous for of course -- we just love a famous Belgian on Face The Day! A famous anyone from anywhere for that matter!
My other special guest is our new Cat, Moustache. Sinterklaas brought it for my daughter this morning. It meows, purrs and moves if you are nice to it. If you pull it's tail, it gets mad. It looks great on our new white couch! We are going to pretend it's our REAL pet cat. Our house could really use a pet. Our daughter wanted a pet so badly so we settled on this one since we can't have a real one. Too many of our friends, such as Heidi, are allergic to cats sadly and we have no garden so that means no real pets -- except Moustache of course.
Three more days of work! I can't believe it! I have a lot to get done in the next three days!!!

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