Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday December 2006: Sarah says sit back and relax with her in her new and comfy couches! Has Sarah found a new band? Heidi has a new headband!!!!

Sarah says:
Yippy! I have a normal sitting area for when people stop by to say hi and a cozy family room now too! I love it all! That's my kid already lounging out in the hook couch in the family room. She got in her PJs early just to get comfy on the couch. I'm about to join her on the couch and we can cuddle and both put our feet up and be comfortable. There's a small fold out thing to make a bed. Whoops! Heidi just arrived! I'm going to take a photo of us and upload it right now! There's the photo of us above. I got to see YMA smiling at her mommy again. What a cutie! Heidi's all pleased because she bought that red headband today and went shopping! Too bad she's got a mean headache and might be coming down with a cold.
As for me, besides my happy couches, a slow weekend ahead really! Today I met up with three guys from Gent who play in the band Secret Agent Men. We tried a song or two out to see how it grooved. Too soon to tell and to be continued in february/March after my operation. It would be great to have a new band already and it did feel good to sing again. But I'm in no shape now to make plans. It's a big we'll see! But I'm glad we got to try some stuff out before I go under the knife. Those three guys could be a lot of fun to play with... Now, back to my couches... Can I get you a drink? Some Bugles with goat cheese maybe? Porto? Please don't spill anything on my couch!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I love the new stuff! It looks great. Scared about the whiteness of that one couch however. I hope it is stain resistant. I will be sitting on the tan ones when I visit because I am extremely clutzy. ASG

Anonymous said...

Oh I just looked at secret agent men's myspace. Will you have to wear skimpy lingerie while you sing? ASG