Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday 04 December 2006: Sarah has the nesting-instinct and is feeling manic as she reflects on November…

Sarah says:
Today is a typical Monday though last night wasn’t typical at all. It’s as if I’m about to have a baby and I have nesting instinct. I started cleaning out the drawers in my kitchen all of a sudden and there was no stopping me. Life is like that lately. We are getting so very organized at home. Finally fixing lamps, setting up couches, cleaning out closets and drawers, getting rid of what we don’t need and getting what we do need. There’s tons more to do before my operation of course but it’s strange how something like that can get you cleaning house. I guess what’s driving me right now is the idea that I will have to stay-put for a few months and my mom will be taking over my kitchen and people will be visiting and things need to be in order so I don’t have to worry about any of it – so it can just function smoothly for everyone. In the end it’s not really all that important. But it feels necessary right now – get the home in order and don’t stop till it’s ready! But the question is what does ready mean? This whole process seems endless. Once you begin cleaning up its hard to see the light and to know where to stop. And because of my back it all goes slowly and I have to ask my husband to bend for me and to carry everything! Anyway, I am so very WIRED! It’s been like this for a few days. I have so much energy. My brain is going and going and my heart is beating and beating. I’m like racing with the clock or something. It doesn’t feel like stress right now. It’s strangely feels exciting. In the end it’s all pretty mundane things I am keeping my head busy with right now.

It was hard to find a Post Secret to put on here this week because the ones that caught my eye were too personal. I have never really been a fan of grey-rainy-dark-starting-to-get-cold-noses-sniffling-hibernating beginning -November so I chose this one. The old old Greyn used to have a song called November which was not written by me but by someone else in the band. This postcard made me think of him for a second and how nice the song was because it was with drumming on the guitar itself rather than on drums. It also makes me think about what a strange November it was for me this year…and it makes me look forward to all the reading I’m going to do in the next few months!

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