Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wednesday 29 November 2006: Sarah looks as worn out as she feels. Heidi has crying eyes. The sun is welcome, beautiful and lovely….

Sarah says:
What am I thinking putting this ugly tired and worn out head on here for all of you to see! What a day yesterday! My back went out at work. I could not move for a few hours without being in terrible pain. Agony really. I thought – okay, this is it. I am done. From now till the surgery on the 14th I’ll have to stop working and stay still. Miraculously, however, after a very long and hot shower and a good sleep (thanks to valium no less) I slept straight till 4:30 am and woke up able to move again. The back is amazing in the way that it just locks itself up like that and then starts working again just as fast. I am so happy that I can move again today. I got scared yesterday. I’m not ready to breakdown yet. I’m saving that up for the day I go into the hospital and am ready! If only we actually could plan these things!
Heidi had a bit of a scare today and that’s why she has crying eyes but everything is okay now!
The sun is grand! It’s warm! Loving it! This is a great fall day despite tears, hurts and pains.

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