Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesday 28 November 2006: Sarah wants all of you to sit at a 125 degree angle as she starts to flip-out a little... Heidi, are you out there? Join me!

Sarah says:
All right. I was calm for a day or two but I am flipping out again - quietly, but still... Same old story. Broken record. I NEED SOME SLEEP!!!! Lack of sleep makes you feel high, stoned, trippy -- that's how I sort of feel, which isn't bad actually but I have too much to get done so it's sort of hindering me. Oh well. Oh well. Oh well. I need to re-look into pot as a pain-killer. That's probably what I need - a good pain killer. The real ones hurt my belly so I don't take them. I need some good old ole' fashioned dope -- that would come in handy after the surgery I'm sure. Christmas present?

While you're here, pull up a chair and check out this article about the right way to sit at a desk with or without back problems and see photo below...

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