Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday 30 November 2006: Heidi, YMA and Sarah do lunch out for once in a long time!!!! Check out what the Flemish are up to!

Sarah says:
No time to talk really. Was happy though to have some time at lunch with Heidi today to chit-chat and chew the fat out and about once again! Heidi even whipped em out and fed YMA right there in front of masses and masses and masses of people, well – actually maybe just three other people – but she was proud nonetheless and YMA was well-fed and happy. Heidi and I LOVE our BIO Planet in Kortrijk Sheep-Cheese Sandwiches! Everyone should try them! They are fantastic.
Read this article about this: Wed 29/11/06 - Flemings spend almost half of their time on personal hygiene; a large-scale study by the Free University of Brussels (VUB) has shown…

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