Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday 20 November 2006: Sarah is all alone with the big grey Belgian rainy sky with no Heidi at the Hema...

Sarah says:
Today made me think of Heidi. I went to the Ring Shopping Center at lunchtime as I do once a week as it is so close to my work. It was rainy and grey and cold. It made me think how cozy it used to be sometimes going to the Hema at lunch with Heidi and having a cup of coffee together. I sort of can't wait till next April when we are both perhaps back at work together, Heidi from her long pregnancy and parenthood time off and me from my sick-leave and we are at the Hema on such a grey day having a coffee and warming ourselves up! I really miss those times. LIfe has changed a lot since the last time Heidi and I met at the Hema. I promise you next April when we hit it together for the first time on a lunchbreak we'll take a photo to celebrate!
What a day it was today I am wiped out! Tuesday I don't work because I have some tests I need to have done before my operation. It will be good to have the day off. I need some time to get my head together and get some errands done in between before this operation on the 14th of Decmber. Just things like Christmas presents and arranging stuff - this all has to be done before I get the operation. I have a lot to do and so very much work to finish up. There aren't enough hours in a day. I can't believe or imagine that I stop working in just two and a half weeks...

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Anonymous said...

Hoi Sarah,
jammer dat zo veraf woont,... een koffietje in de Hema (één van mijn favoriete winkels!) lijkt me wel wat ;-)
Ja, 2 en 1/2 week is inderdaad niet lang meer, spannend!
Veel succes met je medische tests!