Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday 19 November 2006: Sarah sparkles today and gets religious and political for y'all (well anti really)... Oh Heidi, how's your weekend girly?

Sarah says:
Met up with some old friends in a lovely cozy home and ate a lot today! Saw these bumper stickers on the fridge at the house and couldn't agree more with both of them! Don't I sparkle today? I dare say I do. Must be the makeup. It covers my tiredness I guess. This weekend was an okay one - nothing special partucularly. We got a couch! That's exciting! I can't wait until it's delivered and I can fall down into it and watch TV or read a book! There's hardly a seat in my house or anywhere that's good for my back. I hope the new one will feel okay. Oh yeah, I nearly forgot. I saw Hawai last night at De Kreun. I love their new CD called Keep the Wild Nudes Ahead. Their gig was enjoyable because I already knew all of the songs. If I hadn't, I think it must be hard music to get into blindly. You have to play the CD a few times. I urge you to. It really grows on you! Balthazar also played last night. It was a bit too Sioen -like for my tastes but if those guys and gal keep on playing, in ten years they just might be very well-known musicians in Belgium. They are talented for sure and their music is quite all right - radio friendly, small festival friendly -- but it doesn't grab you by the balls -- it needs to have a little more punch still. Ex-Greyn drummer Filip Tanghe produced both bands' new CDs. He did a great job if you ask me.
Here's my favorite Post Secret of the week. I kind of feel like I am at a crossroads of my life right now. I have made the decision to have the prosthetic disc put in my spine and I have no idea how it will change my life. I can only hope it takes away my pain, restores my movement and gives me the chance and the renewed energy to live it up again! I am of course afraid that the operation won't take - that there will be secondary problems, more surgery, temporary soulutions, continued pain - and that my life will change further due to all that. Every crossroads comes with its set of challenges - the fear of the unknown - the where will this road take me, where will I end up. But there's also the well-worth excitement involved of this might take me to a great place where I'll feel all right. You walk that road and your head races with every scenario out there. It's a time of re-thinking and re-evaluation -- and those things are never bad. We all need to reassess sometimes. I guess I'm good-busy with that...

Heidi says: my weekend was okay! We had Yma-watchers today :)). One of them made an Yma-T-shirt. She printed her name and two pink flamingoes on the baby shirt. It's really nice! Too bad I can't upload pictures on here since yesterday... rrrrr...

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