Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tuesday 21 November 2006: Heidi thinks of Sarah and the Hema

Heidi says: I also miss our hema-days, Sarah. They'll come back! I love you Sarahtje!

Sarah says:
Awe shucks kid, you shouldn't have! Thanks Heidi! The feeling is mutual my friend! I got leggings and a long sweatshirt-like thing that you'll like that I am trying to show you in this photo. I got a few things to wear after my operation that are comfy but presentable. And Heidi, I got a strapless black dress at the H&M that fits!
Oh, here's the report - I have lost 6 kilos since the last time I weighed myself which was about 9 months ago I think. It's not a lot but at least it is something, right? My BMI is now 28, which is 5 to 10 kilos too much and which means I am overweight but I am not obsese so that's good. If it were 30, I wouldn't be able to have the back operation so I'm lucky! Anyway, I'll have blood test results soon but the bad news is that for the first time my blood pressure was too high, probably due to stress no doubt! So I obviously need to relax a bit more! Heidi, let's try to watch a movie soon! I would love that!


Anonymous said...

Well that's more than 13 pounds Sarah! I'm still stuck in thinking in pounds... plus it sound better. Well done. You rock. Now relax chicky! -ASG

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

i would love to do that too sra!!!
let's pick a date!