Monday, October 02, 2006

Sunday 01 October 2006: Sarah and Heidi and Yma say hi!

Sarah says:
Look at that little baby! She's so so so so so so so so so so freaking cute!!! Finally I got to see her again and Heidi!!! Both are doing fine and are well and content and tired! Heidi looks great. That baby of hers looks even better. Of course Yma was asleep the whole time and I have hardly seen her eyes and haven't gotten to hold her but c'est la vie! One day, one day indeed!
Next to that highlight of the day, had a fun time at the Vetex Neighborhood brunch and laste at the Vlas Vegas 0110 event, where many bands including Greyn played. Greyn's gig was messy and loud and short and fun. I enjoyed the whole evening alot. Just seeing so many messy musicians around all over the place. Kortrijk is a GREAT place. I love living here. I love all it has to offer. I love my band!

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