Monday, October 02, 2006

Saturday 30 September 2006: Heidi hides out on her first day home with Yma as Sarah has a family evening out and books all over the place...

Sarah says:
Heidi spent her first day at home with Yma today. One of these days/months/years when time allows perhaps she'll put some photos on here. Our Heidtje is a happy and busy and tired new mom.
I'm also a happy mom! Finally my little family agreed to be here on Face The Day all together. We spent a long day putting up new bookshelves and a nice evening on the Vlasmarkt watching a few gigs and hanging around. Our kid thinks she's a rockstar at this point - she even stole my hat because she thinks she looks cool in it the silly-head! I love that she's old enough to take places in the evening and that she can actually enjoy a loud concert. It's good to introduce kids to music as early on as possible!

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Anonymous said...

Love the photo of you, Tom and Ayla. I really see a resemblance, Sarah, with you and Ayla in that photo. At that angle, Ayla's face, chin and all, is shaped just like yours and her smile and eyes look like your expression. I am glad that Ayla gets to hear all kinds of music so she does not grow up thinking that rock 'n'roll, punk, funk, etc. is it. Of course, Greyn is a huge exception, for its quality to me is sort of like the Joni Mitchell of rock -- really fine music in rock form -- and often very retro.