Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday 02 October 2006: Sarah keeps a close eye on you as Heidi whips em out at home...

Sarah says:
If you want to see YMA, pop down to yesterday's entry and you can see her at exactly 1 week old! Man she's a beauty!
I'm getting sick of this site so I decided to be artistic today with my photos. Below you can see my fave Post Secret entry this week about breast feeding. I am pretty sure Heidi will have no problems breast feeding in public. People don't seem to be so hung about that here. People just whip 'em out and get on with it here. Why is it such a big discussion elsewhere?


Anonymous said...

Inderdaad... 's zomers ligt het strand vol monokini's, geen haan die ernaar kraait! Maar wil je als moeder in 't stad je kind borstvoeden, dan kruip je maar beter in een pashokje... Wel, mij niet gezien, hoor! Wat een dwaas en puriteins taboe. Niets is toch zo mooi en natuurlijk als een mama die haar kind voedt? We zijn toch "zoogdieren", nietwaar!?
Zo, dit gezegd zijnde, groetjes!

Valerie en baby Fré, die al 5 maanden geniet van wat mama's borstjes te bieden hebben :-)

Anonymous said...

How did you take that photo with the eye???? I love the postcard. I remember feeding you and your brothers in public all the time -- at museums, in the park, even on the NYC subway. I always carried a diaper to cover my bare breast. No one was all that shocked then because it was the late sixties and early seventies and the Hippie freedom still rang, and natural childbirth had found its day with the Lamaze method, and the La Leche League which promoted breast feeding was in full swing. Ah, the world has sure regressed since those days.