Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday 03 September 2006: Meet Heidi’s Face The Day replacement: YMA!!! Who needs Heidi when we’ve got YMA!!!

Sarah says:
HAHAHAHAHA Heidi – the mother’s nightmare come true – the kid replaces the mom! Only for today my dear Heiditje because the photo of all of us was too ugly and blurry I’m afraid! And because I wanted to have YMA all to myself for once!!! Notice I finally got a photo of YMA with her eyes open!!!!! She looked at me! She loves me!
And alas, just before I ran into Heidi, I mean YMA, today, I had taken a photo of myself with 4 photos of myself – my new ID photos! Ugly! I don’t like ID photos. Nobody does! They are only good to laugh at later on. I got old – that’s for sure—if I compare these new ones to my old one – I’ll try to show you what I mean tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Yma is utterly gorgeous. I can't wait to see her in person in December. Wow, Hedi, you and Nikko sure did a super good job! Her head is exquisitely shaped, and she looks so pink and rosie and healthy.

I love the announcement. It is very at home here in Miami with the pink flamingo.