Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday 13 October 2006: Heidi, Sarah and YMA face the day together to keep the bad-luck away!

Sarah says:
Heidi seemed fresh and good today and YMA just drank and drank and was cute as usual! It was great to see them as usual too. And it’s such a very sunny day!
For Greyn news and update on Sarah’s messy head, see below entry…
Heidi says: hi there!! I am tired today, although I had two good nights in a row and Yma has been a good girl. There is also this headache that won't go away. I guess I am finaly feeling the tiredness of the first week, now between two and three weeks ago. Or maybe it's my hair hanging in my eyes, making my eyes bad? Anyway everything okay! Lovely spring weather outside, a sweet daughter and time to sleep in the daytime. And to walk of course. That will happen later. When I feel more awake.

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