Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wednesday 13 Septemer 2006: Sarah and Heidi go at it alone today as Sarah shows you a lot of hair and a reversed belly shot and Heidi???

Heidi says: just happy in the sun...

Sarah says:
My hair probably weighs a kilo at least! And yes I'm calling my head and hair fat! My hair is like a metal brillo pad. It’s like pubic hair on my head – especially now that I am getting a lot of long, wild grey hairs! I have always liked my hair most about myself. That tells you a lot! I have included a reversed belly-shot of myself today –probably only because the clothes I am wearing make me look thinner – give me hips. With the beginnings of hips from the beginnings of my weight loss, you can now really see how truly short-waisted I am. I have almost no upper body. I’m all legs and head with boobs in between. I am glad I am slowly starting to shrink a little. It’s interesting to see this process. For me anyway! So I’ll get my haircut on Friday and maybe I’ll lose another half a kilo from that alone!

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