Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday 14 September 2006: Heidi and Sarah get close up today and look a bit washed-out! But check out Heidi’s Belly-shot!!!!!! Daily from now on….

Sarah says:
My oh my Heidi is bulging. Her belly looks different everyday! I should know. I pretty much eat lunch with her everyday! Today her belly looked a different shape. Sort of like it has dropped a little. Does this mean this little baby will come soon? It’s due in 1 week now!! Just one week!! Crazy!!!
As for me. I feel bulgy today too! I am having a fat day. Unlike Heidi, I am totally not pregnant. Quite the opposite – any day now – and I feel it buzzing in my head and bursting in my face…
Heidi says: Baby is very awake today!!!! She's been pushing her little feet against the inside of my belly the whole day. I love that feeling. She is with me all the time, so I am never alone. I think I will miss that feeling when she is out of me and lying in that litle bed. The good thing is: I will be able to hold her in my arms, and so will the daddy. That will be nice for him!

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