Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday 12 September 2006: What’s that nasty thing on Sarah’s body and man does Heidi need an underarm shave! These gals are letting themselves go!!!

Sarah says:
So enough about the Grizzly Man. We are becoming the Grizzly Gals. I long to live among the Sasquatches. I not only want to find and watch the Yetis. I want to be a Yeti! The closest I have ever gotten to being a Yeti was/is the drawing our pal Snowbro made for us as superheroes. Take me to the Yetis. With them I will fit in. I am growing strange things on my body. And Heidi is a hairy beast. Alas on Friday we will both have haircuts. By that time I hope that nasty thingy on my chest there will clear up and we’ll look fresh again. By then maybe Heidi’s baby will be in the world! Heidi showed me a photo of her baby in the womb. It’s so strange to see. You can see a face!! A whole face! It’s spectacular. Heidi is having a Yeti!!!!! Just kidding Heidi. I can only dream!

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Anonymous said...

Well, my dears. I look forward to the due date. Joyous occasion, for sure!
As for the 9/11 stuff, to me the sad thing is that it is an event that changed the world forever. If the Twin Towers and America -- then still respected and a true superpower representing democracy -- could be attacked, the whole world wasn't safe; and that sure has proven true. However, here in America, 40% of the nation's people (the stupid ones) still feel that 9/11 is the worst event in the history of the world (half don't even know about WWI and WWII) and that Bush has made the world safer and should have invaded Iraq, which, of course, has made the world far less safe. So, I didn't watch any memorials, documentaries or turn on my radio. I am sick of how 9/11 has been abused by the Bush Administration, hence the media, 90% of which is owned by various Bush cronies. I can't wait to come to Belgium and get out of America, which is declining rather rapidly, especially as ABS/Disney (to which I will now never go again) showed the most horrific piece of propaganda totally abusing 9/11, blaming the Democrats and Clinton entirely for it.

Well, forigve this outburst, but, Sarah, you know your mother. Heidi, please have your baby, and then I will write something so joyous. Good luck. I think of you everyday.

Sarah's Mom