Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday 11 September 2006: Heidi and Sarah try to act natural today as Heidi awaits her due date and Sarah thinks about 5 years ago today…

Sarah says:
Can’t help but reflect on what happened 5 years ago today in America. 9/11 changed my life and my way of looking at certain things for sure. What an awful even. What awful memories. What horrible loss. There are so many programs on television tonight and this whole week. I have a lot of trouble watching these sorts of things with images from that day. They wrench my gut and make me feel shaken, full of angst, lost and sick. With that said, I still think they need to be watched and this horrid event needs to be reflected upon over and over again and never just brushed aside. Yes, yes – there are so many other bad things that have happened in the world. I know I know. Yes, yes, America is not everyone’s favorite country right now. I know I know. But nobody can say that 9/11 wasn’t horrific. It was one of the worst things I can personally remember in my 35 years alive. Probably the single worst thing actually that I have seen in my lifetime. Perhaps that’s because I am American or whatever, I don’t know. But I think people should watch these documentaries tonight and reflect on all this 5 years on. I wonder how many people will choose to watch “Lost” here tonight rather than these 9/11 shows. I haven’t even decided for myself yet. I hope I choose well.
Here’s my pick for this week from Post Secret’s site. I need not say why. It’s obvious.

Heidi says: I hope people watch the news everyday, and see what happens in the world every day. 9/11 was horrible. It will be one of the horrible things that happened in the world that will stay in my mind for the rest of my life. Because I saw it on TV when it was fresh and I couldn't believe what I saw. Because there was so much to see and read about it on the moment itself and afterwards, up till now. But yes, the fact is that there is a lot happening in the world, and I'm sure that a lot will never get enough attention in the press and on TV, because it didn't happen in the western world. Sorry, but I really believe that. But nevertheless, 9/11 stays horrible and I hope that something like this never has to happen again. Nobody deserves horror of that kind. Nobody and never!

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