Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wednesday 9 August 2006: Heidi is happy with her unexpected guests and Sarah says bye to her guest Bevin...

Heidi says: What a nice surprise to see my friend Barbara and her cute daughter Nora! We had a lot to catch up, but on the other hand talked like we see each other every day. We have a big history together and that will never ever disappear and that makes me happy! Thank you Babs for the nice visit!!!! And thank you Nora for showing me again why i am lying in my bed these three months! :)
Sarah says:
I forgot to take photo today so this was the only one I had from today -- again with Bevin, who left at noon after swimming. It was so great to hang with B! After she left, I hung around with my daughter and was very lazy all day. It was nice! I did already pack our bags though even though we have two more days here. Tomorrow we go the the Sequarium, which should be really fun!


Jason said...

yay! Heidi is smiling again.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you'd better leave for the airport two days in advance. Don't forget to repack such that you integrate ALL of your carry-on items into your checked bags. HTMYF?