Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday 10 August 2006: Viva la mama! Viva la Fej a.k.a JB a.k.a our man from PDX

Sarah says:
JB!!!!!!! You are amazing! You sent me what I was going to buy tomorrow on route to the airport! The new Ani Difranco CD that just came out!!!!! Woo hoo! And I got that from you without even having called you yet for a chat! You are the best and I suck Fej! Well I don't suck Fej I just suck! I'm a bad friend! I haven't even called any friends since I have been here for three weeks!!! None! I am like hiding out -- just soaking up all the rest and the laziness and the shutting down that I can to get me through the next months... It's not dramatic or anything and I admit it sounds like one big fat excuse as usual but I just take my quiet and alone time for what it is where as I would have filled it up with phone calls to friends in the past. Can't really explain all this well. but thanks so much JB for thinking about me and knowing what I like and sending it to me -- that's really really nice of you! You are swell!

Heidi says: My mother cleaned our house today and she also brought us meals for two days. And she invited my friends Wout and Alexander to have coffee and cake this afternoon! Ain't she purrrrrfect?
Here she is! Applause!!!!!

Sarah adds:
Here's my favorite Post Secret entry this week. I have eaten so much this vacation which contrasts big time with what I was eating before I started vacation -- when I was sucessfully dieting because I HAVE TO before my surgery in December for my back. I was on a good track but went way off track whilst vacationing. I have to start dieting again as soon as I return. Body image is so screwed up for a lot of us. I know it is for me. The strange thing is if I see pictures of me in my bathing suit from the last few days, I am surprised at how non-fat I appear. Why do I see myself as okay today after eating so badly and so much for three weeks and often see myself as really fat when hardly eating anything! The mind is so odd. I hope for a healthy body image one day. This postcard from postsecret has some of that in it I think...


Anonymous said...

Glad it arrived. If by chance (wink wink) you get on the WRONG plane and travel west instead of east ani will be playing in pdx on monday night. she'll be with a choir. wanna be my "plus one"?
jb aka fej aka man from pdx aka jb fej mellencamp.

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Sarah, do you realise you made Fej female by calling him 'la fej'? :))