Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday 11 August 2006: Sarah hangs out with Cheech and Chong at a sing-along in Miami and Heidi got a nice present!

Heidi says: Look what my dear friend Katrijn brought me today! It's so cute! This one is cominng with me to the hospital, so it will be one of the first pieces of clothing my baby will wear. She will be adorable! Thank you Katrijn!

Sarah says:
Meet Don Hyink and Josh Aberman -- two friends of my mom's in Miami -- both musicians, both fun to hang out with and have a sing-along-jam with on my last night in Florida. Don has a studio called Blackstar Studio here in Miami. So if anyone out there neeeds to make a recording in a Miami recording studio, contact Don. He's your man! He's a whole lot of fun and a good guitar-player and singer at that! He and his partner Rosa will come to belgium next year perhaps so some of you Face the Day viewers will meet them.
On the other side of me in the photo above is Josh Aberman -- a bass player in a classic rock-blues coverband called Outta Nowhere along with his wife Susan, whom sang along tonight. Their band plays in Miami so contact them if you are looking for a classic rock and blues cover band! They sound good!
So that is it from Miami I think though tomorrow's photo will take place here I suppose as all things carry-on now have to be in stowed luggage on the plane, including cameras and more importantly all things liquid! It will be a busy travel day tomorrow due to all the stuff going on at airports. I wish I could just snap my fingers and just be back home!!! Time for bed!!! It's 2:14 in the morning here!!! I need some sleep fast.

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