Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wednesday 2 August 2006: Heidi is sick of it and Sarah is sad to hear that but has something to perhaps make Heidi happy!

Will this typical Castro San Fran thingy make Heidi happy?
Do you like Sarah's new shirt? It's the latest craze here! Daddy doesn't only love Greyn! Daddy is obsessed with Greyn!
That's Sarah with the famous San Fran Seals in the back at Pier 39 in Fisherman's Wharf.
This will probably make Heidi very happy! Sarah hopes so! This and a bunch of other things Sarah picked up for Heiditje!
Sarah says:
Hi Heidi! Sorry to hear you aren't feeling that great today!!! Indeed it will pass but that doesn't really help you now! Maybe you'll find something in the photos to make you happy! I hope so! You choose! The album or the big gay San Fran willy! We were in the gay Castro area today and TC was all happy because men were checking him out left and right! This place is special to say the least! I wish I felt better and didn't have so much pain because I could enjoy things more - but alas and c'est la vie and all that! Hope you feel better! Time will fly!!!!

Heidi says: Okay, this time I have to be totally honest. I am sick of it! The world is going to the spinning lesson, is having barbeques, is going out, is seeing concerts, is shopping, is walking through the city or the woods, ... And i am stuck here, in my bed, with my stupid television that cannot give me any consolation cause it's boring, women's magazines that show the latest fashion for which i am too fat right now and in the next months and nice make up that I don't need cause I don't have to look good and fresh in my bed... I have a book that I am reading, which gives me some satisfaction (usually more than just some but the last three days my eyes have been stinging and my head has been hurting). It is clear that it is all too much right now and this the one time I need to complain. I cannot stop myself. As you can see, I even cried it out today. It is too much. I need my life back. I am not made to lie around with nothing to do. I want action, control, i want to organise and not see my friends do all that nice stuff without me. Not that I would stop them, but I simply want to be part of it! I know that the days are passing and that time isn't standing still, but right now one day seems like an eternal see of time to me. I hope that changes soon... I need to be a month further. Then I'll be okay!


Jason said...

YOu hang in there, Heidi. In one month, you'll be able to do all those things again; the difference is, you'll have a beautiful baby to show off and your friends to fawn over. Perhaps a good cry was needed. Last week, my job got the best of me and I had no choice but to cry it out. Once I did, I felt extremely better. You hang in there, now. Just try to keep it in your mind, that in one month, it'll all be worth it.

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

thanks Snowbro!
I will be strong! I know why I'm doing this!

Jen said...

hey there Heidi--
I SO know how you feel. It is really depressing sometimes to feel you are watching the world go by and not getting to be part of it. But I'm proud of you for enduring the difficulty and I can't wait for you to come out of this, successfully, and engage the world in a whole new way with a new little person.

Also--when I've had problems with my eyes and couldn't read or watch TV, several friends suggested audio books. Do you have them in Belgium? If you want to listen to a book in English, I'll send one back with Sarah. Good luck! j

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Hi Jen, that is very sweet of you!
But you know, i'll be okay. I mean, I just have to do this now, get through it and learn out of it. It's like some sort of lesson. I always want to be the leader and organize all kinds of things to do with friends, and now I just have to let that go. Also, I am always doing something and didn't know what it was like to be home and quiet ;). Now I do! And I couldn't be home alone, that was something that could drive me crazy before. That is maybe the biggest thing I've learned so far...
The end of it all will be a baby. That will be amazing...

So how are you doing? Are you getting through these days? Are you happy to have family around you?


Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Sarahtje! The record makes me HAPPY!!! :))
Did you find me on it????
funny willy! Wout and me were talking about the 'naked women frisco's' at Geers the other day, and then you come up with this! very funny!!!
See you are having a ball! good for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mommy. I love that hairstyle, but how did you do it? How did you cut your hair so short and turn it blonde? PLEEEEAAAASSSSE! Tell me. Love, Ayla

Hi Daddy, I hope you also had a good time. I like that shirt from Mom. How did she do that? I thought it was so funny with "Daddy Loves Greyn."

Hee Hee Hee!


Hi Heidi,
I hope you have a good time with your baby in your belly, and I hope you feel good and have lots of fun with Nikko. I am having a really good time. We swam, we played, we went to Disney. I am having such a good time with Ami.

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Hi Ayla, sweetheart!
I am so happy that you are happy!
I miss you!
Greet your ami from me and Nico!