Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday 3 August 2006: Today is another day for Heidi and a steep bridge day for Sarah...

Sarah says:
San Fran is SUCH A GREAT CITY! It has so may things to offer. Loving it! Today we saw a lot of neighborhoods way up on hills. My brother drove us down the steepest street here-- Filbert Street. It was so cool! You can't see how steep it is until you go down. Your belly drops like when you are on a roller-coaster. You wonder if the breaks will work! Very exciting!!!! In one photo above you can see some stairs behind me. In San Fran there are so may places that have stairs instead of streets because streets can't be built there due to steepness and hills and twists and stuff. So all over you find stairs and stairs and more stairs. You can take hikes of stairs. I can't of course because of my stupid back but I have seen a lot and am loving it! In the other picture, you see the famous Golden Gate Bridge behind me. There are great views all over this city! Great food too and great shops!
By the way Heidi -- I didn't open the album but I am guessing you are in there. I'm keeping it wrapped up as is for you. Tell W all the Madonna shirts here are way way too gay and/or too big. But I did find an older one that I bought for him. I think he'll like it -- it's his color for sure and it can be worn by a guy and it is small. Now we are off to Golden gate park and will then head back to Hermosa beach in L.A. and then back to Miami!

Heidi says: This is a better day than yesterday. I am not totally happy but at least I don't feel the urge to 'wank' ;-) I know why I am doing this!! FOR THE BABY!

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Jason said...

Glad you feel better.