Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday 4 August 2006: W.E.E.K.E.N.D for Heidi and Sarah and the end of a great week for Sarah in San Fran - having fun with a VERY BIG tree!!!

Sorry -- had to add this photo above taken of me at the Muir Woods as well -- having a good time and my way with a very well-hung tree!

Sarah says:
Great day in San Fran and Muir Woods! Those houses are the ones you see in that show Full House and there's San Fran behind me. There's also a picture of little me in the big woods with some tall-ass trees all around! Now it's after 2:00 and we're just back from driving from San Fran to L.A. It's been a great couple of days!

Heidi says: what does the word weekend mean for someone who isn't working? It means: not being home alone, other TV-programs (more shit), more visits, faster minutes and hours... A good thing, I'd say! :) This is the first time in 6 weeks that I am wearing long sleeves! Shall I celebrate or cry now?

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