Saturday, August 05, 2006

Saturday 5 August 2006: Heidi is very tired and Sarah gets to see her GREAT AUNT Pauline!

Sarah says:
Last day in L.A. and we went to Dana Point to meet up with my 87-year old aunt Pauline! She is an amazing person and a role-model! It was great to see her. I don't get to see her very often! Not too long ago -- when she turned 85 -- she decided to skydive out of a plane.
This is from an article:
"Pauline Mirkin reports that she not only survived her first skydiving adventure – in tandem with her son-in-law in Florida – on her 85th birthday, but her derring-do made the local news. "Would you believe," she exclaims, "it was on 'Good Morning America' . . . I was a 15-minute celebrity." Mirkin, by the way, declared her virgin jump "awesome." The San Diego grandmother says she looks forward to sky diving on her next visit to Florida."
She told us today that she would now like to experience high-speed car racing! I hope I have that much energy and joy for life when I reach her age. I wish I had it now! Don't you see some family resemblance in this photo? In some of the photos I took of her and me I think we look a bit alike in terms of facial features.
You can also see by brother and sister-in-law's cute dog Kibble above fresh from a bath. We have enjoyed him this visit! And you can see a great mountain-sea view behind me at the place we ate at between L.A. and San Diego.
Sad to be leaving California tomorrow -- it's been great! Off to Miami for a few days and then back to Belgium.

Heidi says: I think the baby is really growing hard. She is lying on my bowels and makes them feel irritated. Because of that, I cannot sleep at night, especially this night, so now I am really tired... Maybe I'll have a good sleep tonight! :))
Go baby go!!!

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