Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tuesday 1 August 2006: Another day has passed...Heidi's nails are almost as long as the trees Sarah saw after visiting CK and before seeing bro SM!

Sarah says:
Above is a photo of me with two of my brothers in San Fran. Check out NM putting on his usual photo face and SM looking years younger with a haircut he badly needed! There I am with my American buddy CK in Monterey, where she now lives since leaving Belgium. She's living in such a great and pretty place. It was so great to see where she is at now -- just too bad there was so little time! Thanks for having us and making us such good food CK!
The next photo is of Redwood trees in a beautiful place on the way to San Fran. These trees are so old and so huge -- quite amazing to see. So fantastic. Makes you feel so very small.

Heidi says: This is what pregnancy does to your nails! I have real strong nails!

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