Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday 22 August 2006: Heidi has got great news and Sarah thinks Heidi's news is GREAT!!!!

Heidi says: yesterday, the gyneacologist said: 'from now on, you can start doing all sorts of things again'. I can do all sorts of things again! I can do all sorts of things again. Will someone pinch my arm? The first thing I did when I was back home, was lying down in my bed. I have to get used to my new situation! It is like being in prison for two months and then being released without a warning. But I'm happy! I AM HAPPY! So happy!

Sarah says:
I am so happy for you Heidi! This is the great news indeed! Can't wait to get some daily photos of you outside your house again!
Here's my favorite Post Secret entry this week. I have an only child so through her I can relate. There's always this underlying pressure to make a brother or sister for her -- but I can't and I won't so she really is on her own and always will be an only child. She seems okay with it but you know what they say about only children... Anyway -- I hope she has invisible friends that make her very happy and make her feel not so alone.

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you can start doing "all sorts of things..."