Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday 21 August 2006: Sarah is now looking for Heidi... Sarah has had it with pain!!!

Heidi says: I know I know, same boring picture of a same stupid face everyday. I'm even getting bored of seeing myself every day. But what doesn't bore me these days? When I wrote that I had a better day yesterday, a couple of hours later, I bursted into tears. I guess it wasn't such a good day after all. Damn, this site is turning into a selfhelpthing for Sarah and me!Oh well, at least it has a purpose then! :))
Sorry to hear, Sarah, that you are in so much pain... This has to get better, soon!

Sarah says:
Please, please please make this pain stop!!! Please make this day get better! I am about to cry. Maybe it is because it is that time of the month again or because I am in such pain and have so much to do and feel incapable. I don't know but I want to shut down and crawl into a ball and sleep until next March right now...

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