Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday 7 August 2006: As time goes by...Sarah puts on many different faces as Heidi flees the rain...

Sarah says:
Have had fun dressing up today! My daughter and I had a ball! Here are some sample pictures. I wish I could look different every day! Life could be so fun that way. It's been a reall lazy day today. Slept late. Hung around. Shopped. Ate. Shall watch some movies. Tomorrow my buddy BL who used to live in Antartica and now lives in Florida will come to visit. She'll be a guest here at Face the Day for sure! I called Heidi today but didn't get to speak to her! Hi Heidi!!!!

Heidi says: The belgian weather has turned into REAL belgian weather; which means: grey sky, a little bit of sun every now and then, a little bit of rain every now and then. I tried to sit outside, but had to flee cause it started to rain. Some relaxation exercises then?

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Jason said...

whatever works, honey. stay with it.