Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wednesday 19 July 2006: Sarah sweats and sweats and meets up with Heidi's buddies W&A who will take over her home soon!!!

Heidi says: For now, I'm glad to be home, because I cannot sleep at night, but I can rest in the daytime... A real heatwave, and it won't stop. It is amazing, yes Sarah!
I am truly happy that my good friends W&A will be so close for three weeks. I wonder if I will see them a lot...:)

Sarah says:
Three more days to go and I AM OUT OF HERE!!! I can't believe Belgium is having a heatwave now! It's kind of nice other than sleeping (not sleeping) and ANTS!!!! Ants have taken over a bathroom in my house. Everyday I go on killing rampages but they come back!! You can't kill ants! They have amazing staying power!! But I have to kill them because we are leaving in three days and those two guys in the photo below are taking over my house while I am gone and they can't have ants bothering them!!! So this is my mission! KILL THOSE DAMN ANTS BEFORE SATURDAY. I have so much to do before I go away! I am so stressed out right now!! So very stressed! I NEED VACATION!!!!!!!!! Can't you see it in the above photo? I am hot and tired and cranky and stressed!!!!!!! By the way -- I LOOK FAT IN THE BELOW PHOTO!!! It's as if I haven't lost any weight at all!!! I don't understand it! It sucks! I try and try but NO!!!!! Nothing anymore!

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