Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday 18 July 2006: Heidi and Sarah heave lunch together but are so NOT up-to-date with each other it’s not even funny!

Sarah says:
So I saw Heidi and we had a fast lunch together but didn’t really get to talk a lot and realized how very behind we are with talking these days! I am way too busy! She’s way too not-busy I guess but actually very “good-busy” keeping that baby of hers safe! She sent me a text message that we must be really out of touch because we haven’t even had a conversation about Syd Barrett’s death yet! She’s right! I mean his death isn’t as newsworthy perhaps as some of the other horrible crap in the news these days, but it should be addressed nonetheless. I will always relate Syd Barrett with those good old days I used to smoke way too much pot whilst listening to the Mad Cap Laughs. I can’t believe I gave away all my records before I moved to Belgium, including that one!!!! I had some really good Pink Floyd bootlegs too! Oh well – we must let go of the things we have given away, right?

I put two photos here today! One normal Sarah and Heidi one and another sort of belly shot because I liked the angle and how it shows just how big Heidi’s belly has become.

Heidi – we’ll catch up one of these days – probably in August I’m afraid!!! Or maybe when you are home and I am home after my surgery. We can take your baby for a walk around the block everyday as my spine clicks back into place from daily walking! We’ll talk a lot then, I’m sure! And you’ll have a baby out of your belly by then!!!

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