Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday 20 July 2006: Heidi and Sarah meet outside on a stoop full of sunshine and BELLYSHOTS!!!

Sarah says:
Two more days to go till I am in Miami and then in LA and then in San Fran and then back in Miami! I WANT TO GO NOW!!!! One more day of work! I have to work on the Belgian holiday the 21st of July – which is obviously LOUSY!!!! I have so much to do at work and at home. I am running around like a mad woman. An 80 year old mad woman with a limp! MY BACK HURTS!!!!!!! Vacation will do me just fine!
I popped in at Heidi’s and even got her to come outside on her front stoop for a fast photo. I know you don’t really see her face here but her face doesn’t matter anymore, does it. All anyone is interested in now is her BELLY!!!! Just kidding Heidi!

So please see below BELLYSHOT of Heidi! I am sure you’ll agree with me about how wonderful Heidi looks with that big ball of a belly. It suits her. It gets easier and easier to imagine there is a little person in there. Man I can’t wait to meet that little person.

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Jason said...

Have fun on your trip, Sarah. don't forget your headshots from those various locales.