Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday 25 July 2006: Sarah is a Southern Belle swimming her days away and wondering where Heidi is? Paging Heidi -- report please? All okay babe?

Heidi says: Hi! this heatwave in Belgium is going on and on! It's madness! Today is the first day in three that I didn't fall asleep every two hours. I read the last 170 pages of my book. Time for a new one! The tenth that will be! Glad to see that Sarah is doing ok! Hi Sarahtje! (has my barbie arrived yet?)

Sarah says:
Oh Heiditje -- where are you? All all right meisje? I'm having a swimmingly good time here in Miami! We are off to L.A. soon, where we'll be for several days till we head to San Fran. Hey SNOWBRO -- I'll be passing through your neck of the woods today. I'll send you some sasquatch girl brainwaves from above!

The above photo reflects something fun -- that my mom has loads of wigs and dress-up clothes that I can use for Face The Day shots today and when I return after California. Here I am a Southern Belle. I think I have found my look.
Below is less lovely though very lovely in a way -- swimming everyday in the hot sun is fantastic -- just wish I looked better in a bathing suit! Isn't my face just gross here? Well -- I love it!

By the way - woke up today and watched Capote -- another great thing about being on vacation -- swimmimg, eating, sleeping, sunning, watching movies. You can start to see healthy in my face again a bit. That's because I am finally getting some much needed rest!



Jason said...

Sweet. I'll be looking for you in the sky. :)

Anonymous said...

Heidi your tits look huge! You look really gorgeous prego. Really!!! It suits you. Hope you are not too bored. It's even hot in Scotland!!!!! I love it. HI SARAH!!!! Peace, love, and joy to both of you. xxx ASG

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

thank you ASG!!!! Glad to hear that everything is going alright!! Send us a picture once, to show where you live and how you look?