Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wednesday 26 July 2006: Pffffff...and Sarah finally makes it to Hollywood...

Heidi says: pfffff...
Sarah says:
Hi Heidi! The doll indeed arrived. The question now is -- how do I get it home without damaging the box!? Saw the Keds too but have to buy them still if they have your size.
So today we went to the beach and saw some siliconed tatten about! We went to Hollywood -- nothing special there! And we went to Amoeba Music, which Heidi would go nuts in! Best record shop I have ever been in! L.A. is nothing to write home about yet. There's a lot of traffic and the hyped up things are no big deal when you finally see them. But it's good to be here and to be so close to the Pacific ocean. In the above photo you can just barely see the Hollywood sign up in the hills behind me. In the photo below you can see all my new Hollywood friends.
I hope it cools down for you Heidi! It's hot as a mofo here too!

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Jason said...

Stop it, you silly thing. LOL