Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday 24 July: Sarah and Heidi meet on a fridge in Miami!

Heidi says: good, I see I'm there already!

Sarah says:
Hi Heidi! See!!! You are here with me in Florida afterall!! Little did you know, but there is a big photo of you with The Lool on my mom's fridge! You were the first mulle I saw when I got here. I say hello to you every morning on that fridge and goodnight to you every evening. You are by my side my deary! Time for my morning trip to the pool! How's it going for W&A at mi casa?

Here's my favorite postsecret entry this week. It reminds me of my last week full of stress at work! That's how I knew it was really time for a vacation! I felt short-tempered and fake and would curse out the phone when it would ring and theh answer in a very friendly way. We all know that feeling -- the leave-me-the-hell-alone feeling!

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