Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tuesday 11 July 2006: Sarah is Phlegmish on this very Flemish day and enjoys escaping through People Magazine and Carnivàle…

Heidi says:I'm sorry Sra, to put my entry on top each time, but that is simply because I don't know how to move it without a mouse (this is a laptop and I am not handy without an attached mouse, and i cannot use one on my bed...)
I had a booooooring day! Tomorrow better!

Sarah says:
Today is Flemish Day! The day of that Flemish Lion! The day Flemish people celebrate being Flemish. I am sort of Flemish. I live where the Battle of the Golden Spurs was fought in 1302. I do have a lot of phlegm. I guess I am more Phlegm-ish than I am Flemish. In the photo above I am holding one of like 30 People Magazines that my buddy CK saved for me and had her daughter bring over to me. Thanks CK for feeding my addiction! I can’t explain it but I have always LOVED this crap magazine. I have gotten my husband hooked on it too. I don’t understand why I like it so much. I would like to think I am more intellectual than that but I’m not! Or maybe I am! Maybe it is possible to love such crap gossip mags that go on and on about shallow topics and yet still be smart. Could someone explain why we get hooked on these magazines? What is it about them? Is it our need for escape? Is it our want to be like those movie stars? At this point I am whipping through about three People Mags a day from the pile CK sent over. I am hooked. My husband and I read these mags before bed and talk about who looks best in which dress. What is wrong with us?

I also love the series Carnivàle! Heidi got me hooked on it by lending me the DVDs that Fej sent her! Thanks Heidi and Fej! My husband and I have been watching about 4 episodes a week. We are hooked! I love the story lines and filming. It’s all so grainy and macabre and rough. HBO is amazing. They put out such great series. I love all this escapism…


Jen said...

The guy who was behind Carnivale is the same guy who now runs Battlestar Galactica, the current best show on TV!! Wait til you get here and we'll get you guys hooked on BSG!!! Can't wait to see you, Sarah. Heidi, your arms are looking so BUFF! :-)

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

I am sorry Jenny, but what does buff mean? You make me very curious!
How are you doing? Thinking a lot about you!

Jen said...

Heidi, buff means toned, ripped--basically, in good shape, muscular, strong. Your arms are beautiful! I see that someone else commented the same thing on the entry above.

Way to be a sexy mom! :-)

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

well thank you Jen! I don't see it that way (I only see cellulite and jelly-fat) but I like your compliment! :-)

Yes, i saw that compliment from that 'someone else'. It's even a whole band! ;-)