Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday 10 June 2006: Sarah wants to share her love handles and spare-tire with you and wishes you a lovely week…

Heidi says: I am not sad but this was the nicest picture of the ten I took... :)

Sarah says:
Heidi gets her belly shot and I get to show you how though I am getting thinner, that damn middle-section stays! It even gets more out of proportion! The damn thing has got to go away because that is the area that needs to have less fat for my back surgery at the end of this year! I guess it will be the last to go and I had better stay patient and keep up the good work! It’s uglier now than before though because you see it more. I am less in proportion somehow. But that will change – slowly but surely and I feel happy about that!

Here is my fave post secret entry from this week. We live I such a computer-internet culture now. It’s way too easy to email anyone we want and have no borders and go too far. It’s so sad that so many people have so many hurtful secrets. I hope I never discover my husband is having an affair through email or the internet. That would suck! It would suck no matter what but man would I hate to discover such emails…

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Anonymous said...

Sarah, if your face gets any thinner, they might want to operate through there. You are metomorphisizing. As for that belly, sadly, it seems to be a family trait. You have inspired me to cut back on the food intake, and I am thinning around the ribs, back, face and hips, but that belly -- damn! But there is hope for you being your age versus my age and having had only one child versus four. I have looked almost eternally pregnant since you, my fourth, were born. Keep up the good work. I'll barbecue healthy stuff while you visit.

Heidi, I am glad to read that you are doing better. I've been attempting to wire my thoughts and good vibes through the airwaves to signal your little girl to stay inside that cozy womb. It sounds like things are improving. Good. Take care, and how nice that you have such kind and helpful friends. If I were there, I'd make you my famous matzoh ball soup -- a cureall for every ailment. But, alas, I am here in America suffering through the horrendous Bush Administration and praying that the voters wiseup in our upcoming November elections for senators and congressmen. Love to you and yours. I can't wait to see you all in December. -- Ami Judy