Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday 9 July 2006: Heidi has a calm day and Sarah is eating the day away at FC's pension feast!

Heidi says: So here I am again, big belly Heidi! I like my body like this; it is well balanced. My little girl is calmer than yesterday. Every now and then, she is giving little kicks or punches, but it's nothing compared to some days. Sometimes she is moving all day long, turning around which makes my belly go up and down, kicking hard with her little feet, pushing her hands against my ribs,... I love her. She can do whatever she wants. As long as she stays in there for another 5 to 10 weeks...

Sarah says:
Hi Heidi! Good to have you back on these pages and glad to have fed you well! Put your food order in for this week! I'm glad to feed you! I have always wanted to be your feeder! See the above photo? That's of me with my happy father-in-law FC. Today he celebrated his retirement. That's it! He's done working! I plan to put him to use though for sure. He can fix everything in my house to start! Just kidding FC! I hope you have fabulous years ahead of you! We love you! Thanks for the food yesterday! Keep smiling!
As for eating all day -- well, I ate more than usual but not that much. My belly can't hold as much as before, which is helpful. I hate dieting but I am happy to be losing some weight. My clothes fit better! I look better. I know that. I did have a sinful piece of cake yesterday! Man was that heavy and good. You realize how good sweets can be when you don't eat them a lot!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MY BROTHER AND HIS WIFE! I hope this year gets better by the minute for them! Can't wait to see them so soon in California!

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Jason said...

Looking sweet, darlin. Hope everything continues on calmly