Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday 13 July 2006: Sarah is a jackass. Sarah hasn’t seen Heidi for 5 or so days! That’s just nuts! Heidi, I will see you tonight girlfriend!

Heidi says: long live the sun!!!!!!! long live the people who care!!!!

Sarah says:
It’s Thursday and that’s a good thing because it means tomorrow is Friday and that means one more week until vacation! I need a vacation. I can’t wait to be in Miami and then Los Angeles and then San Francisco! Can’t wait!
I can’t believe I haven’t seen Heidi for so many days in a row! That sucks! I have to see her today! I must!
Do you like my donkey ears? I feel fat today. I am having a fat day! My “diet” is still going fine but some days you just wake up feeling bloated and fat. Today is such a day and I hate it!

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Anonymous said...

9.27 pm.
Sarah, I don't think you'll get to casa Nice'n'Haydee! before the cut off!!