Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday 14 July 2006: Sarah did not see Heidi last night. Sarah is a bad girl. Sarah's eyebrows look great though! NEWSFLASH - HEIDI!!!!!

NEWSFLASH: Saw Heidi at lunch when I dropped off her Turbo Red nailpolish. She's got plenty of time to polish her nails and pregnancy has certainly made them grow. Her belly has also grown as you'll see. Heidi looks great actually! Really really great. Her face looks like it did pre-pregnancy in this photo. It was good to see Heidi even if quickly! Have I told you all I miss her?
Sarah says:
No time to see Heidi!!! But I did buy her Turbo Red nailpolish today so I am thinking about her for sure and she knows that!! Right Heidi!! You know that!!
I got my eyebrows done this morning. Nice ones! Tonight I get waxed. I am so very shallow. I apologise but I am also very hairy so...

Have a great weekend!

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Jason said...

Yeah, Sarah, you look great. So does Heidi. Name that Superhero is back up, so that should hopefully relieve your boredom for a while.

Hey, Sarah. I posted Sasquatch Girl's future husband. Can you find him?