Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday 31 July 2006: A stressful day inside for Heid and a relaxing day outside for Sarah -- hope you feel better heidi!!!

Sarah says:
Look where I have been today and what I have seen! LOVELY! This is the life! Heidi -- tell Wout I took that Madonna photo for him. Hope Heidi's day got better! Mine was good and now I am at CK's house in Monterey. It's great to see her. Tomorrow she'll be a guest here. Time for bed after a lovely drive along the coast from Los Angeles to Monterey via Santa Barbara and Big Sur to name just a few glorious places!

Heidi says: My friend Wout just visited me and calmed me down after a morning full of stress. It's my own fault, I did some stupid things and it stressed me out so I had t deal with the consequences. I took my picture right after he left, and I can see that I am calm now. Thank you Woutie!
Sarah, I want that black and white striped bag with scull on it, behind that girl fom Llle! (just joking!) And I like your new hat!

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Jason said...

Glad to see Sarah is having a great time. Hang in there, Heidi. So far you look pretty good. How are you feeling? Getting plenty to eat?