Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday 22 June 2006: Sarah is in a lot of pain today and getting a cough and a cold! Heidi is getting rest at the hospital...

Sarah says:
Man! I have a cough -- a dry one - on top of my dang back. I'm getting run down. Gotta get some rest. Heidi is also getting needed rest. I'll see her again tonight. She has to have bed-rest for the next few months. She's okay. She says hello to you all! Pictures of her will come tomorrow again!

Saw Heidi -- she even wrote a message for you all but now I can't find it!! I just heard she'll leave the hospital today and basically have bed-rest for the next few months till that little baby comes! Heidi is in good spirits! She says hello (see below photo!) and she says this is the new her! I'll get a photo of her every day that I can!

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