Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday 23 June 2006: Sarah has a very bad cold but wants to spread sunshine your way anyway and to share her body with you all…

Sarah says:
Can you see it? I am happy! I feel sick as a dog but sunny still! I can see I am losing the weight I need to to have the back operation at the end of the year. Finally all this non-eating and portion-halfing is kicking in! It will still take me months and months to keep on losing kilos but I am on the right track! I have to be! I want this operation to be safe as can be! The less fat in the way, the better and easier for the doctor to cut through my anterior, move all my organs to the side and put the prosthetic disc into my spine. More fat means more difficult entry and higher possibility of cutting arteries. So if I keep on losing weight then the operation and the recovery will perhsp go better than they would otherwise. I have always wanted to be thinner but I guess not enough to do much about it. I love food—eating it and the social aspect of it. I have never been a particularly bad eater or over-eater but still I have always been heavy. It will be great to see myself skinnier! I like it already. It feels good. So that’s why I am sharing not only my face with you today but my body too! Have a great weekend! I’ll add Heidi’s photo once I get one later!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow you look great!
Just on after days away. What´s up with Heidi and the kid? Will email you straight away. Sunny here. Can´t beleive tomorrow it´s all over. AS