Monday, June 05, 2006

Sunday 04 June 2006: Heidi and Sarah pull their har back and head home for a break after day one of sinxenfeest...

Heidi says:
Comments will come later...

Sarah says:
I woke up at 5:45 am to meet up with the father of Heidi's child without Heidi to go to the flea market in Kortrijk to catch the first buys there. I didn't come home with a lot but I did find a few things to make my kid happy. At around 9 am I returned home and headed back to Kortrijk with my daughter and her 5 Euro, with which she could but whatever she wanted. She got a lot of junk for her money so she was pleased and she practiced her money-skills so I was pleased. We met up with Heidi and her clan and headed to the Vlas Vegas part of the Sinxen. I got to hear a bit of my brother-in-law "Tsjane's" set and hung out in the all-of-a-sudden sunshine. Anyway -- it was a good day. Man I love my child! She's so much fun to be around.
Here's my fave Post Secret entry from this week. I think we all can relate to how freaking awkward social intereaction can be! There often comes this point in conversations with people that you don't know at all or well where you are trying to find a good way out of the conversation. Silence can be a killer! Over-talking - spastic - can be deadly. Saying too little-- too much. Eye contact. Posture. All these things interfere!!! I am pretty social and not that shy yet still I can trouble my way through odd interactions and not know how to get into conversations or out of them. It's even more awkward in another country!

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