Monday, June 05, 2006

Saturday 03 June 2006: Heidi and Sarah welcome special guest KG as the clock strikes 12 and they are all about to turn into mice or perhaps camelions.

Heidi says: comments later...

Sarah says:
That's an old colleague of ours named KG! We were happy to see him again at the Kamelion (spelling?) in Heule with a bunch of other old and present colleagues. Thanks for letting us take your photo KG! I hope we'll meet you again and not wait so long next time! Don't I look like a grease-ball in that photo?
By the way, my birthday on Friday was okay! Heidi and the father of her child joined me and my husband for dinner at Miso in Kortrijk and then we happened upon the concertstudio in Kortrijk and got to peek into a fantastic concert by Absynthe Minded. This band is so terribly good! I have to see them again -- a complete gig. Every song is fabulous. I saw them in Berlin as well but in a smaller venue and was not nearly as blown away as this time. I have to buy their CD and get to know them better. I would love to be able to make songs like they do. What fabulous musicians!!!!!!

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