Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday 05 June 2006: Heidi has to sleep her long nights away as AMERICAN Sarah have to work on this bloody Belgian holiday!

Heidi says:
Comments will come later...

Sarah says:
I stopped by Heidi's today quickly and she was lazing-around on the couch as a result of her late nights. This little baby in her is tiring this gal out. With that said, I'm not pregnant and I would be tired if I stayed up so late each night. Anyway - she wouldn't even move from her couch so I had to get down on her floor by her side and take this shot! Tonight she and the father of her child have to DJ at Vlas Vegas for Sinxen. Will Heidi survive? Will her cat suit fit? Will she be alive for work tomorrow? We'll see. Today has been terribly boring for me!!! I took the below shot before I thought I'd see Heidi. It shows off my 1970's Charlie's Angels hairstyle and my reddening face. Please people-- use sunscreen!!! I am starting to get age spots under my eyes-- brownish ones-- from all that sun I used to bask and burn in! Don't make the same mistake as I did!! Use SUNSCREEN!!!!

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