Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tuesday 06 June 2006: Heidi and Sarah are devils in disguise on this beastly 666 day!

Heidi says:
Nah buddy nah ya busted ya busted...

Sarah says:
We are wanna-be devils today. Yesterday Heidi and the father of her child looked like real devils as they played music at Vlas Vegas for Sinxen (see below photo -- not a good one but the only one I have got!). Those two buddies of mine did a lovely thing for me and my band Greyn!!!! They played one of our new songs during their DJ set. They had asked me for the CD so I knew it was a possibility but when I heard them actually play it I was so happy! The song was Loose Canon and it’s a goody! If I do say so myself! Anyway – it was just great to hear it so loud and see that it sounded like a real song and that people were moving their shoulders to it a little. It made me really look forward to performing again!!! I miss that so much! So thanks Heidi and FOHC (father of Heidi’s child) for playing our song!

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