Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Saturday 17 June 2006: Heidi takes a break for a bit as Hairy Sarah goes at it alone for a while...

Dear Face the Day viewers:
Our Heiditje won't grace these pages with her lovely face for an indefinite period. I'll catch her on camera when I can and share her face and thouts with you but our girl has to rest for a while until her baby comes in a few months. You can be sure I'll be stalking Heidi and that belly of hers every chance I get as I will need my daily dose of her (as all of you do too!).
Heidi sends her hellos and wishes everyone well.
As for me, well let's face it, this site just won't be as fun without Heidi everyday so I'll really try to get her when I can. Not sure how I'll keep up and if this site will morph into something else over time -- but we are not quite ready to throw in the towel yet so keep popping in to see what we are up to. There will be reports on Heidi and updates on whatever I am going through with my back and all. And sometimes there will be blank pages as it may just be too hard and too time-consuming to keep this up every day. But who knows! Let's just wait and see. Maybe Heidi will need some distractions at home over the next few months and will spend each day looking for the perfect photo of herself and uploading it and all that. Maybe not. Tom will tell so stick around for a bit!

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Anonymous said...

Tom will tell? Haha That´s a good one. AS