Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sunday 18 June 2006: Sarah is lonely without Heidi...Whose little hand is that and what's up with that carrot?

Sarah says:
It just isn't the same without Heidi. I have to go see her soon and snap her mulle! That's my goal. My daughter had to get herself into this photo along with her carrot. Silly girl. I'd rather have Heidi be in the photo than that carrot. Pretend the carrot is Heidi!

It's Father's Day in America today. I found this Post Secret entry this week very moving. It must be hard as a parent to have no connection with your kids. I hope my kid will always want to know me and let me know her. I cannot imagine a fulfilling life without her in it anymore. This Post Secret card made me think of my dad. It sort of sounds like his tone. He has 6 kids (5 sons and one daughter)! That's a lot of children to keep track of. All of our relationships are pretty okay these days as opposed to how they were in the past. I can tell my dad feels happier in his life now and seeks more connection with all of his children and brings us all together when he can. I can't imagine a parent not wanting to see his or her child(ren). Anyway, all of the Post Secret entries this week are ode to Father's. Check them out.

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