Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wednesday 24 May 2006: Heidi has had it today so it's all about Sarah other than for the bellyshot so it's all about Heidi really...

Heidi says:
dead. angry. leave me alone. boo!

Sarah says:
This morning I woke up angry at my face -- well annoyed with it anyway. It's messy these days because I am tired and in pain. I am suffering through this sort of "diet" to lose weight in order to make the surgery I'll have to have at the end of the year safer (too much fat to cut through means more risk of cutting arteries which means more risk of bleeding). Anyway -- usually you see weight loss in my face first. I lose my chins. That has happened but because I look so tired, I still look puffy. I am fed up with feeling this way. Tired and puffy. Pain confuses the brain. It can make everything and evryone seem ugly sometimes. Today I thought I felt okay after a sort of good sleep without waking up for once! But no, the pain is back and I am so uncomfortable. It makes me nervous for the long plane ride ahead. I am starting to not really know what I can handle and what I can't. Well, I guess you just do suffer through this sort of thing. Other than all that I feel just fine. You?

Wow -- this news just in -- this article finally explains why I am sort of masculine-looking! Finally an answer from this article via BBC :-):
Unhappy home link to appearance
Girls from broken homes may grow up to be less attractive, research published by the Royal Society shows.

Two studies from a team at St Andrew's University suggested that women whose parents had separated or had a poor relationship looked more masculine.


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